Precision Stainless, Inc. Pressure Vessels Parts

We carry Precision Stainless Inc parts and precision tank and equipment components.

Scrambling to find Precision Stainless, Inc. parts for pressure vessels? With HOLLOWAY AMERICA, you’re still covered—your way. Getting the Precision tank and equipment parts you need doesn’t have to be a hassle. You supply the drawings; we’ll supply the parts! It’s that easy.

Continuing the Precision Stainless, Inc. Tradition of Excellence

When ITT closed Precision Stainless, Inc., the industry suffered a serious void. Before the former Precision Stainless, Inc. team regrouped as HOLLOWAY AMERICA, we agreed we would still service our old customers and friends to fill that void. We purchased a huge supply of replacement tank components for Precision Stainless, Inc. as well as the Pure-Flo Precision tank and equipment.

The good news for people who want the real deal? We still have a seemingly endless stock of authentic Precision Stainless, Inc. parts for your pressure vessels. And if we don’t have the part you need, we’ll make it.

Who better to build your Precision tank and equipment parts than the people who built the Precision Stainless reputation? To ensure our Precision parts’ features and specs are accurate, we trust experienced representatives, who worked over 6 years in the Precision Stainless Components Division.

Providing Precision Stainless, Inc. Items

We offer a wide range of Precision Stainless pressure vessel & tank components including the following items:

  • O-Rings & Gaskets
  • ASME Ferrule Clamps
  • ASME Ferrule Solid End Caps
  • Mounting Flanges, Plugs, Ports, Eyebolts, & O-Rings
  • Replacement Manway Components
  • Sightglasses & Components
  • Replacement Sprayballs
  • Replacement No-Foam Inlets
  • Liquid Level Alarm Systems
  • Light Assemblies

For more info or to order your Precision tank and equipment parts, contact HOLLOWAY AMERICA.