Count on an ASME Mix Tank by a Proven Mixing Equipment Leader

Every ASME mix tank HOLLOWAY builds exceeds expectations.

An ASME mix tank, or agitator tank, by HOLLOWAY AMERICA provides the consistent blending operation that will help make your production line run smoothly. Whether you need the natural tangential flow pattern that laminar mixing produces or the faster pace established with turbulent mixers (axial flow or radial flow), we fabricate every HOLLOWAY mix tank to the finest possible standards. And we can custom fabricate mixing equipment for whatever unique specifications you require.

ASME Mix Tank Construction Materials

To ensure that the ASME agitator tanks we engineer perform to perfection and are built to last, we use only excellent construction materials:

  • T–316L (standard)
  • T–304L
  • T–317L
  • C–22
  • C-276/HASTELLOY®*
  • AL-6XN®*
  • Other materials available by request

*HASTELLOY® is a trademark of Hanes International, Inc. and AL-6XN® is a trademark of Allegheny Ludlum.