Our Obsession? Tanks, ASME Code Pressure Vessels, & Stainless Steel Solutions Fabricated to Perfection

As we design, re-design, and perfect your pressurized tanks and other stainless steel fabrications, our company mission remains clear: Whatever we do for you must be done your way, for your benefit. Whether you’re talking products like ASME code pressure vessels and tank sprayballs or services like ASME tank design and stainless steel electropolishing, we’re listening. And after we hear exactly what you need, we’ll get to work—starting with impeccable design and culminating with unsurpassed fabrication that brings your ideas to life in a stainless steel masterpiece.

What drives HOLLOWAY AMERICA to design and fabricate pressurized tanks that outperform your expectations? The same relentless pursuit of perfection that made pressure vessels by Precision Stainless (their former company) coveted worldwide is now making HOLLOWAY an industry leader. And uniting key personnel from these two companies only solidified our perfectionist ways. Today, there’s no denying it: Your need is our obsession.

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Join Us At INTERPHEX 2014 And Receive Free Exhibit Hall Admission

HOLLOWAY AMERICA is headed to INTERPHEX 2014 in NYC. Many of our company officers will be on hand to discuss custom pressure vessel fabrication, vessel and tank parts, and our patent-pending Seal Break Pliers.

Break Seals, Not Vessels.

In our industry, running into a process connection that won’t come apart is commonplace. It’s an equally common response to grab a hammer and screwdriver to force the connection loose. After all, we want to be productive and make good use of time. The problem is, the hammer and screwdriver approach can cause thousands of dollars of damage to a pressure vessel (as you may have learned firsthand).

Tired of the frustration and the cost risks, our engineers decided the industry has been long overdue for a better solution. So we designed and fabricated the answer: HOLLOWAY AMERICA’s Seal Break Pliers (patent pending).

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